Insha Allah Shaykh Mohammed Aslam, a young and vibrant scholar from Birmingham, United Kingdom will be visiting Singapore and Malaysia from the 20th – 28th of May 2015. Please block your calendar to attend the lectures.


Shaykh Mohammed Aslam began memorising the Quran from an early age. He eventually travelled to the Levant where he enrolled at the renowned Maahad al-Fath al-Islami and also undertook extensive private studies with leading savants in Damascus such as Shaykh Abdul Razzaq al-Halabi, Shaykh Adib al-Kallas, and Shaykh Dr Ramadan al-Bouti, amongst others.

On returning to the UK, he enrolled in post-graduate studies and began serving as Imam and Khatib of Lozells Central Mosque – one of the largest mosques in Birmingham. Together with his traditional upbringing and familiarity with the western way of life, he was well-placed to reach out and engage with the youth. His weekly Sirah lessons were packed out as he brought the Prophet Muhammad SAW alive with his spell binding lectures and his affable personality.


In 2009, he established The City of Knowledge Academy in Birmingham which serves as a bustling hub of educational activity as well as an advisory for various community and grassroots projects in and around the city. By serving Muslims in various areas of life and by addressing some of the most challenging issues of our time, the academy has established a reputation as a pioneering centre to serve Islam and the Muslim.
He is sought by the media regularly. Most recently and notably, he was interviewed on BBC Radio following the Charlie Hebdo murders where he eloquently spoke on freedom of speech.