Allahu akbarThis Is Islam merupakan sebuah lagu popular yang dicipta oleh Mustaqiim Sahir.
Video di bawah pula dihasilkan oleh saudara Noaman G Ali. Disertakan sekali lirik di bawah video selain yang sedia ada dalam video tersebut. Selamat menonton.

Lirik This Is Islam

People of the world
Do you know the truth about Islam
Or do you think it’s about
Bombing planes and killing innocent people

Forget about the lies
I’m here to tell you how it really is
You deserve to know the truth about
This beautiful way of life

*People of the world
ISLAM is all about peace
Terrorism it doesn’t teach
It’s all about love
And family and charity
And praying to One God
This is Islam

It’s something you should know
I know it’s really helped me grow
It does away with greed, filth, arrogance
And teaches morality

A perfect way to live
So don’t believe all you see and hear
Too many people wear a title of a Muslim
But they don’t practice Islam

repeat *

And it teaches the Creator’s made this life for us a test
And if we follow truth and do good deeds, He’ll reward us in the Next
If we remember God and teach each other the truth and patience in His way
Together we can live

This is ISLAM

repeat *

Allahu Akbar

God is the GREATEST