In life, there are only 4 BASIC principles.

You know what is good, what is bad.

You know what is Halal (can do) what is HARAM (cannot do or shouldn’t be near to). You know that there is a heaven and hell somewhere out there. Where good deed leads you to heaven, bad deed leads you to hell. But here, nobody knows His Qadar. Keep in mind, only by a prayer [du’a] can change the qadho’. That’s the power of du’a as Allah stated in His Holy Quran. Although Allah had set everything but He still has His Mercy for His servant. As we still can has a part, and only He we should pleased for His Mercy. You are not going to heaven or hell by only your own deed but it is all because of His Mercy on you.

You know that you will DIE someday. You know that your life not everlasting. And you never know where you are going to die. Still, you want to enjoy? What’s the purpose of your life? What’s the meaning of life to you? After you die, no one could help you but, your deeds when you are alive can.

There are 4 things that you should know. As long you know, what is ‘dosa pahala’, ‘syurga neraka’, you will always be good. As long as you know why you are (as a servant, as a creature that the most decent that made by cement), you will always remember the purpose of your life and the matter in it.

Be good to others. Be good to anyone regardless by its race and groups. No big nose. No greediness. No selfishness. As you know, perhaps you will die by the time after this, or tomorrow.

This is what a Muslim believes as he believes there is a day of Hereafter. Where all our deeds will be counted. Because of that, we can’t do bad things no matter what to ourselves or to others. Rich people should help the poor, as their wealth is a TEST and a responsibility. It is not just for fun and play.

Well ya, perhaps some people think we Muslim just believe nonsense. One thing that you can’t see for real. Now let’s look, if you believe it’s not a matter of fact. It can make sense to make you believe in something. I believe no one has a power that Allah, The Almighty. He the one that I pleased that has power on us. Why?

A baby was born and a kid or an old man is dying, both have no power to hold or to postpone their deliver or death. Not even a single second. They have no power on their own body. Then, who has the power? You tell me.

Fair enough. I should be good to myself and my parents right now. -_-

PS: To be a really GOOD child is  not an easy task for me, just like being a GOOD SERVANT is not an easy task. The reasons, I believe, should not only be because of mercy but also to please Him, the Lord Cherisher and Sustainer of the world.

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