To maintain the quality of both content and presentation of this website, I implore all writers and editors of this website to take note of the following points:

  1. Do not simply copy and paste content from anywhere. Remove all formatting and reformat them properly using the built-in WordPress editor. A good way to remove all formatting is by copying the content into Notepad first before copying them into the WordPress editor. Another way to remove all formatting is by using the “Paste as Plain Text ” button in the WordPress Editor.
  2. Don’t hotlink images, meaning don’t simply copy the link of images from other websites to be displayed on this website. There are three reasons to this:
    • Website owners don’t usually like other people to hotlink images from their website because you’re using their bandwidth allowance, which is not free.
    • The image might load much slower than the rest of the site’s content, which causes certain features on the page to load slowly (or not load at all).
    • Images uploaded to this website’s server will be guaranteed to always be there. Other website owners will not notify you if for whatever reasons the image is no longer served on their server.

    Therefore, download and save all images you want to include in any article into your computer first, then upload it to the server using the WordPress editor’s Upload/Insert buttons .

  3. Use the following format to display videos from other websites:
    [flashvideo file=<video url> /]

    Replace <video url> with your video url. For example, the following code will display a Youtube video:

    [flashvideo file= /]
  4. All quotes should use blockquotes, and they need to be formatted properly. All blockquotes, when properly formatted, will look like this:

    Blockquote content blockquote content blockquote content blockquote content blockquote content blockquote content blockquote content blockquote content
    Blockquote author

    The proper formatting for blockquotes is like this:

       Blockquote content
       <cite>Blockquote author</cite>
  5. Grammar and spelling mistakes (including improper letter cases) reflect badly on the writer AND the organisation. Avoid at all costs!! Check and double-check your articles!!
  6. Quality over quantity, please.

Any other questions and suggestions please write them as comments on this page.

Should you lose or forget the link to this page, you can retrieve it by going to Pages > Edit in WordPress admin page and look for the “Editor Notes” page. Alternatively, bookmark this page now by pressing CTRL+D.